Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crystalheads- Gratitude Day

Light a candle for the Ancestors and Give thanks.

As mentioned earlier, we celebrate Gratitude day in our neck of the woods, by observing activities that surround appreciation for those who have come before us and paved the way, expressing appreciation for the Source and Earth that sustains you, and by not eating meat on any day that is designated Gratitude Day.

If you're interested in practicing Gratitude Day, the tradition is only a year old, but was brought forth to give alternatives to holidays with corrupt roots. Gratitude Day is a way to enjoy life and focus on activities that sustain it and respect the life around us, hence the complete lack of meat intake. The tradition began last year on the 23, 24, and 27th of the month but it is a floating holiday and can be celebrated anytime of year in place of any holiday you choose, so you can still celebrate the things that matter without feeling forced to embrace practices that have been glossed over.

As Thanksgiving is a holiday based on the genocide of Native Americans, in particular 700 Native Americans that were burned (women and children included), I can't pay the tradition homage. The roots of things are very important.

Feel free to share your Gratitude Day stories and experiences with us, and Purple Magazine as well (there's a piece on Gratitude Day and creating your own traditions in general in 'The Last Word' department of the Fall Issue (2007).

Namaste Light Beings, Namaste

Suggested Activities:

*Light a Candle to Give thanks to the Source and The Ancestors who pave the way

*Create a Family Gratitude Book and add something to it at each celebration

*Have each family member/friend write a small anonymous bit about what they appreciate about another family member

*Give water and nourishment to a friend in the plant kingdom, and/or plant seeds if the time of year permits.

*Come together with family and friends for Group meditation to uplift the vibrations in the Global Village

*Donate time and energy to those in need.


Villager said...

This is first I've heard of Gratitude Day. I like the vibe and I wish you and yours the best on this day of gratitude and thanks.

peace, Villager

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou Villager ^_^
I hope your Gratitude day was a delight for yourself and loved ones. Thankyou for stopping through and for your good vibes.

Femigog said...

Peace Sister, this is a wonderful idea and I think that I will incorporate some of the rituals you mentioned into my own day of Gratitude!
Just wonderful.
I wish that I had seen this post earlier!

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou for the love, Femi ^_^
Something had to be offered for folks who aren't buying into the hype and want to celebrate life in a real sense.
It's a floating holiday that can be celebrated everyday if the vibe feels right for it.
It's time for the founding of newer, healthier traditions that introduce positive attributes to the psyche rather than corrupt it.