Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Grassroute- Fair Trade

Does your grocery store carry Fair Trade goods?
Apparently the ones in my area don't either...
I placed a call to them to ask if they carried alternative chocolate products...
They hadn't even heard of Fair Trade goods.

It's time to send a letter requesting they stock goods that compensate the workers and discourage modern day slavery. Fair trade goods make it possible for "developing" countries to make a profit and earn their own money. It's crucial that we support them.

If you don't want to compose your own letter to the local grocers keep an eye out. I plan on posting a letter template very soon that you can use to send to your local grocer. An additional action will be to start purchasing your sugar, coffee and etc online from fair trade retailers until the local grocers get their heads together and get right...

More on this sooner than later.

Fight the (corrupt) power.
It makes a difference.

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