Thursday, November 8, 2007

WTF? - You didn't get the memo about the 'One Drop Rule'?

I am amazed at this miscarriage of reality amongst people of color in Brazil.

Here's a simple cure to a conflict I can't believe is actually looming on a such a scale:

If you are not Anglo-Saxon, you're not considered white.
It's been announced already.
There are no "white" hispanics. Not really. You may have a high percentage of Caucasian heritage but... the one drop rule says you're a person of color if you have a drop of Motherland blood in you, and... you do.

Don't believe me? Ask the hateful folks in the white hooded masks and gowns. They'll set that one straight for you real quick.

White is a political term.
It has been used to signify people of Caucasian heritage.
Embrace your roots and stand to revamp your system. Things are already way too far out of hand.

(See PBS to watch the full documentary online)


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