Thursday, November 8, 2007

Personal File- 7 Random Facts

I've been tagged.
I don't usually participate in tags, but I dig Invisible Woman.

7 weird facts about me
are included below...

(I stared at the blinking cursor for a minute on this one... What to reveal that won't bite me in the a-- later?)

1- I still watch movies like The Neverending Story, The Worst Witch, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory(the original), though Fight Club and a few other movies that fit my age bracket do hold a special place in my heart.

2- I look like a kid (though I'm not one), and freak people out when moments arise which require placing someone who lost sight of the line in verbal check. It's tripped people out, and I'm only now starting to comprehend why. Until recently I was pissed that people went to the lengths they did to try me, until I realized they thought I was very very young, and therefore defenseless because most of them were cowards.

3- I used to have a very large crush on Q-tip that included some time contemplating where to place a tattoo of his face.
note: I was a teenager so it's okay. Also, in my defense, I never acted on this line of thought.

4- I have had real crushes on cartoon characters (some of them have been my own ^_^), and have been told by friends that I gravitate towards men with large craniums. I attribute my strange taste to having the ability to see the beauty in everything. I also believe in elves and faeries of original (Motherland) descent (more on this later in a coming release of 3 previous publications in one).

5- I have empathic ability to the extent that I can read a person I've never met, by their name.
I've tested this for folks before, and am also pretty accurate when it comes to predictions based on the way the vibes feel around a situation. I meet most of the requirements for the Indigo adult checklist, and have been a bonafied space cadet from birth.

6- I had a pleasant dream starring Saul Williams this weekend which framed the following day in a halo of soft summery vibes.
Saul is a very sexy genius.
Because I haven't found anyone I want to do the horizontal mambo with who has a mind I appreciate, I am still celibate and the occasional dream splendor helps to remind me that I am not a machine.

7- We have a rock star in the family.
Well... technically that was another life but he's still pretty fly.
The somewhat new addition to our family ( a local stray cat) was most likely a rock star in his previous incarnation. Even the local girlie kitties sweat him, rubbing against him and such without his request, though he has been modified so as to keep the feline population manageable (Thankyou T.E.A.M and other caring non-profits).
Until Mr.Who? came into our lives I did not believe in transmigration. I now believe there could be truth to the idea that animals can become humans or have been human. Our first house feline cannot stand him and feels he stole her shine. She is passively aggressive and occasionally abusive, though even she gave him a few kisses on one occasion...

I feel naked now.

I am tagging the following blogs because I have to as part of the tagging tradition so don't be mad.

For those who have been tagged you have to write 7 random facts about yourself, identify your tagger, tag 7 other people and let them know they've been tagged.

The Tagged:
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Ben said...

Hello there,

I just read your message on blog catalog and I had to come check your blog out and I liked it.

I need to think about what I can write for my seven facts without embarrassing myself. I will eventually get to it.


cooper said...

I actually like reading these things about others. I think I've done this a couple of times and my readers might be like "who the heck cares, we already know like a hundred things about you" - plase stop.... that having been said I am putting it on my list because I am sure I can come up with 7 more things eventually. ;)

PurpleZoe said...


I have to get my ish together and let the others know they've been tagged. Friday got away from me.
Tagging has a certain kind of charm, I'm realizing. I used to ignore tags before on forums such as Myspace, but it's actually a decent practice every now and again.

Much Love to you Ben and Cooper.

Femigog said...

I love your list and someone tagged me about a week ago but for you I will do it again!!!! Gimme some time to come up with 7 more random facts though and I promise to tell you when I post them.

Invisible Woman said...

Sorry about what happened to your comments, but I love your list! I think it's so very interesting to read those from the blogs you read daily.

My cartoon boyfriend is Dr. Quinn from Sealab 2021 (Adult Swim)!

PurpleZoe said...

@ Femi

Yay! I look forward to the inner workings of your world.

@Invisible Woman

Hey Chica.
My cartoon boyfriends (My Venus is in Gemini) are usually elves and knotty dred mermen. I also had a brief romance with a centaur in a homemade boardgame my son and I designed, and had a crush on a talking coffee colored sitepal.
He was fine.

On the upside I got my a-- out of the house yesterday and did some karaoke (won a hundred beans for my At Last rendition to my surprise...No more intense introversion for me. Now I can replace my Canon Powershot!).
Human eyecandy was present at the spot ^_^ I think I've entered my re-emergence pattern.

It took a VERY long time to find the motivation to acquire a social life again. People don't really suck. It's only the few that do lack a neo-cortex ruining the image for the many... I'll have to remember that.

Invisible Woman said...

Girl, you are preaching to the choir...I feel you 100% and am in the exact much it's almost scary :-)

As far as the cartoon boyfriends, you have me waaaay beat on that one-congrats on winning the contest!

Invisible Woman said...

P.S. Supernegro bailed out on the negro justice league! No more blogging :-(

PurpleZoe said...

It can't be. Are we sure he's not just on vacation? Losing Supernegro is a serious loss to the blogging community.
I don't like this news, and will need to do a little investigating.

Also, Thankyou for the congrats.
I'm very hyped about that one. I had some stiff competition in one of the soul crooners who has been nearly undefeatable for good reason (his voice is like silk). He's seriously no joke, but then... I can sing the hell out of At Last ^_^


Still an eyebrow raiser to me that I won though. I don't usually compete and can be on the shy side. It's time I think to spread my wings moreso.

Nashville Black said...

You do look pretty young; I would have pegged you for about 6 younger before I recently saw your age.

But your hot, so that's all that matters.

I want to hear more about these faries and elves.

Oh, I finally did this meme at

PurpleZoe said...


The faeries and elves should be re-emerging early next year, spring at the latest.
I'm releasing three previous books of Original Faerie (a.k.a Black Faerie) in one tome of sorts with some extra short stories/poems that contribute Modern Motherland Mythology ( the Purple Antholgoy issue coming in December will have some of them).
The hold up is that it hasn't been decided if the book will be illustrated or not. I'm leaning towards having some vinework, mini mushroom icons, stars and etc here and there with no major illustrations. It's a fairly large book of a little over 700 pages and I don't know if I can illustrate in good time.
I can write with speed, but the visual stuff I have perfection issues ( and could use more confidence) with....

The faerie stuff is to ensure the youth have positive archetypal images, but it's definitely a read adults can enjoy.