Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Vote for Wonderland

If you've peeked into the thoughtful, and quirky heartlight of Cooper's Wonderland or Not dimension, you know why she deserves to win an award. Her realm is entertaining, soul-stirring, consciousness-raising and delightfully fertile in wit (all seemingly effortlessly).

If you haven't been by for a visit to be soothed and tickled by Cooper's scribed sentiments on the digital petals of virtual wildflowers, you would be wise to take leave of the Ultraviolet realm immediately and do so. If you pull one of the black daisies (gently, mind you) around these parts you should find a door leading there...


Whichever of the above-mentioned groups you belong to, we would hope you take a moment to give a 'Yay' for Wonderland or Not, here (You can vote once daily).

note: Durham in wonderland (located at the bottom of the poll) is not who we're voting for (no offense Durham)


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