Thursday, November 15, 2007

Indiefied- Stephanie Mckay

Miss Mckay's music has a funky and deliciously gritty old-time feel with contemplative presence. Her music has a peculiar and original soul interpretation to it that tugs you back for another listen, and then another, and then...
'Tell it like it is' for instance, is a scrumptious track, that refuses to tiptoe about social issues relevant to current times. Beyond this, she continues to come hard with tracks like 'Money' that confronts the reality of the ills, a system of need plagues the masses with.
Stephanie Mckay empowers with golden chords, funk, and well incorporated soul elements.

Supported by Portishead Geoff Barrow and given the stamp of approval by Talib, Mos and other conscious geniuses, her path is rightly sparkling.

Enjoy the vids below, peep her realm beyond the Black daisy field and acquire the recently released EP ~~~~~~~~~~~~*

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