Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vintage- Hav Plenty

As the winter season rolls around I'm reminded of an all time favorite flick of mine, Hav Plenty.
This is not so much because of the holidays, as I celebrate Gratitude day (more on that later) in place of disagreeable and misrepresented holidays imposed upon the masses (Thanksgiving is founded on the celebration of Native American Genocide---you can look that up--- and I can't bring myself to participate...), but because of the season it is written in.

We need more movies of Hav Plenty quality.
It is intelligent, good-feeling generating, and not so chic flickish that the men can't appreciate it.

Christopher Scott Cherot is fine as well, which does not hurt---It is also hoped he'll keep doing his filmmaking thing... He easily tops the fools out there wasting film.

Another Cherot source

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