Thursday, November 15, 2007

Call For Solidarity- Demand Repairs for the Homes of Katrina Victims

I've seen this problem mentioned by another organization and had to post because we in all seriousness need to take a stand for this. The gentrification of New Orleans is an insulting prospect to say the least. I consider it criminal in light of what Katrina victims have endured.

Please take a few seconds to sign the petition, and spread the word. We can make a huge difference to Katrina victims in need of housing at home.

Color of Change advises:

Public housing residents have been blocked from returning home for almost two years. HR 1227, which would help them come home by repairing and opening thousands of minimally damaged public housing units, has passed in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, the senators from Louisiana are dragging their feet on this bill, and without their leadership it will die in the Senate.

Sign the petition here:

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