Saturday, November 3, 2007

Purple Magazine- Call for Submissions

Purple Magazine is calling for submissions for the Modern Myth Anthology due for the Winter season.

The Anthology is looking to collect new Modern Myths that can combat negative stereotypes imposed on people of color ( this includes all people of color from Kemetian/African, Indian, Asian descent and cultures emerged from mixtures of these cultures, as well as underrepresented cultures/subcultures, gender and elder focused groups) with positive symbolism. We'd love to have new archetypal figures emerge from this that folks can share with their families and think on themselves for inspiration as we seek to shed the tainted stereotypes and limitations imposed on the image of Motherland descendants. The Anthology seeks to channel, recreate, and devise new directions for our consciousness and traditions.

The magazine will be open to some youth also (preteens and up most likely) but imagery necessary to a story can touch on sexual sentiments and if violence is key to a story's plot we'd like to stay away from it being too graphic in interest of providing counter mythology for the youth (what's out there for them right now is psychological sabotage).
It might become an annual or biannual kind of thing. The stories, images and experimental pieces can be up to 20 pages in length (longer submissions should probably arrive before the deadline to give time for them to be read and included).

We'd like also to include your bio of up to 500 words with a sitelink, and past and upcoming works for an About The Author section that follows your piece.

The deadline is Dec 17th, but the pieces that come in sooner can be laid out earlier and have a more prominent spot in the magazine.

Email your submissions to:

...Feel free to spread the word to artist friends and holders of enchanted pens...