Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amen, GoldyRoxx, Amen.

GoldyRoxx's Diary of a Misfit has won a reader.
I'm sincerely feeling her sentiments on a comment I didn't even know No Cents had uttered (Though I'm far from surprised-The synapses of unconscious folks don't fire properly)...

From Diary of a Misfit:

Friday, January 13

Here we have it, more proof that 50 Cent as well as Bush doesn't 'care about black people'.

In this interview, he describes his music as 'confrontational'... give me an effing break. Public Enemy was 'confrontational'... this is a gun-toting, stereotype perpetuating buffoon who somehow gets away with releasing the same goddamn track over and over again!

And this politically apathetic statement confirms for me all my worst fears about this man - he simply exists to exploit his community and has no interest whatsoever in wielding his influence except to attract more young black men to a lifestyle designed to kill them.

I say BOYCOTT THE F*@$ ER!!!!!

PZ: The Associated Press article that inspired her post can be found in her dimension through the link below.

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Visit her Myspace and peep the January 08 Indiefied feature about her through the label links below.

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