Friday, January 25, 2008

Personal File- Girly Moment (Don't suck your teeth, every now and again, I'm entitled)

Yeah so, I'll make this quick and painless.
I usually do lipgloss, sometimes lipliner and lipgloss, and rarely full on Facepaint (you know us dirtybackpackers...), but I am hyped
to find out about E.L.F.
... And not only for the snazzy acronym they wield.
They're the sh-- for another reason. Every cosmetic is priced at a dollar. This includes nailpolish and from what I can tell... The products aren't discounted on account of lacking quality.


I felt obligated to share this with all of you, because at the very least, this can make gift-giving a very gentle experience for your pockets if you're not interested in this for other reasons.

*twirls an obligatory curl*

We now return to our previously scheduled programming...

Thankyou StainedCouture for the intel ^_^

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