Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Curious Bazaar- One Peach A Day

Chronicling the adventures of a lovely gal from the Peachgrove who was whisked away in a hot air balloon by a sinister pair, Fey extends images that awaken the slumbering children in the hearts of their viewers.

She further shares:

Hi, its Fey again. Still in the Wise Black Forest. I.. …. I .. like being here…. I am not a prisoner or anything (like the poor bunnies here). It’s just that I am not allowed to leave for a while…..

I made this painting on a very opinionated canvas with mysterious inks and busy acrylics. The print measures 11x8 inches (28x20 cm) left with calm white border. You can also have a rebellious borderless print, for a slightly bigger pretty painting (a full A4, that is). Smoothly printed by a workaholic professional inkjet printer with original inks on archival matte heavyweight paper that will last for untold generations to come…

Your print will skippingly arrive to your home signed cheerfully by me, numbered and feeling comfy in a rainproof sleeve and a bend proof envelope of giant strength. :)


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