Thursday, January 10, 2008

Indiefied- The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks

Described by CodeZ online as the 'best black independent film you've never seen', 'I'm through with white girls (The inevitable undoing of Jay Brooks) is said to possess the indie majesty of the refreshing (now vintage) indiefied splendor of Christopher Scott Cherot's 'Hav Plenty'.

"In 2000, 2001 you had these movies like Love Jones and Brown Sugar where you're basically seeing the same dude. It's going to be Morris Chesnut and he's going to be a lawyer, he's going to be super handsome, and gifted in certain ways…It's not a fair representation of the people that I knew…" Jay, the lead character of "I'm Through With White Girls" was designed to be the polar opposite of those talented tenth poster children. And while he may lack the grace and social style of the Morris Chesnuts of the world, he, or rather his situation, vindicates his folly by being remarkable funny.
-Ayize Jama-Everett of CodeZ

Unfortunately it has no distribution deal...
Those of you who attended 2007's American Black Film Festival, may have caught it. The rest of us will have to wait to enjoy a film that touches on needed social commentary, without being preachy, to arrive somewhere within the realm of reasonable mass access. Hopefully this will take place sooner than later. Like within the decade if that's not too much to ask for social progress...

*eyes narrow*

Hollywood, get it together and jump on the films that are worth our time, k? Thanks.

Muchas gracias por la informaciĆ³n Code Z


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