Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exalted Black Archetypes Rise

2006 brought the Original (Black/Multicultural) Faeries of Maji (returning in 2008 as an Omnibus of the three volumes and extra shorts...).
Kemet-blooded Djimon was featured in the film version of Eragon, and Afro Samurai (though we would have liked a less bloody hero and were hoping to see the hero Jamurai who preceded AfroSamurai, recieve some shine... ).

Update (1/2009): The full of title of Maji, is 'The Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus'. To avoid brand confusion (with two other books of similar title) moving forward the omnibus will be printed and listed with the full title (this should be finalized shortly on the Amazon page). has also been discovered. Check it for more authors of underrepresented culture.

2007 brought the first book of Troy Cle's Marvelous World adventure series.
first installment of the Deliciously Archetypal Motherland Rooted series her blog readers have been enjoying previews of is complete, and hopefully Disney's promised Black princess will finally be released in 2009...

Higher Black/Multicultural archetypes are coming out of chains and returning to our awareness. You can't hold the beauty of origin down for long. Despite the darkness, the stars are still shining. Keep your eyes open for them and share them with your children so they may bless their image with reality, and erase the negative conditioning of a confused society.

The Great Octavia Butler opened the door to Black/Multicultural Sci-fi, and now the doors of Black/Multicultural Fantasy lit are granting access to the dimensions of Faerie, Fantasy Adventure, and a Black-Friendly Disney that is finally emerging. Why the emphasis on People of color you ask?
Why the absence of people of color in the mainstream we ask?

Also... Why complain? Create your own mythos and this time hold it tight.

PZ says:

Inquire with Purple Magazine through about being a BETA reader if you're interested in reading forthcoming Black/Multicultural Fantasy.

Contribute your Mythos for Underrepresented Cultures to the second Modern Myth Anthology issue.

Lit: send up to 5 pages (if you're story is longer it can be considered)
Reviews: send your reviews of positive Multicultural archetypal media and art you've come across.
Images: send your images of higher Multicultural archetypes; Angels of color, Fantasy characters/Superheroes of color, Mini Comics strips/Graphic Novellas, Conscious Stars (Talib, Rakim, India.Arie, Meshell Ndegecello, Carlos Santana, Digable Planets, and etc...). Keep it reasonably tasteful. No unnecessarily graphic gore or horror. No pornographic content.
Experimental: send along with a description of your experimental Modern Mythos.

Include a short bio with website and contact info to be included with your work.

Deadline: September 6 2008
Submitting in advance of the deadline is encouraged.


Vee said...

Wow, I didn't know anyone else knew about Jamurai. That's crazy old. Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to check out the myspace. There are many others out there, I think folks should find creative ways to market their content to their particular niche.

Vee (

PurpleZoe said...

It can be done. Underground collectives and markets are necessary these days, especially to artists with integrity.
Definitely feel free to contribute some of the indie artists you know of deserving and probably not getting exposure.

Thanks for stopping through.