Sunday, January 27, 2008

For The Love of Vintage Albums

Several weeks back, Okayplayer Jean Grey with track Guru 9th Wonder, placed their likenesses 'pon reproductions of covers for Public Enemy, Das Efx and Black Sheep to name a few, as they prepare the forthcoming disc 'Jeanius', within which all of the samples are done by Jeanius and 9th Wonder, rendering all previous leaks powerless.

Erykah Badu's video for 'Honey' has leaked or released this weekend, and is also paying homage to vintage albums with her likeness and additional embedded messages for the keen-eyed.

More on Badu's future plans for three albums in '08 and a forthcoming magazine named 'Freaq', here.

It's a clever play on the reality many of us acknowledge.
Returning to the Elders is definitely a healing practice, and breaks up the monotony of corporate played-as-hell (props to Badu for the 'Thugged Out Wakeup Call' Cover...) mimicry of what has already died and become fertilizer for acts the
MSM is too dim to admit the glory of.

Really, we're tired of the duplicated ridiculousness.
Come correct. The Mainstream Industry's pockets are already getting checked.
Wake up and give the people what they want.


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