Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Repurposed Inspiration

Collage as a process of recycling vision and repurposing expression reminds us that as a collective, everything has unique meaning to the beholder/perceiver. A symbolic alphabet as Anahata Katkin calls it, and Visual Journaling in the tradition of Teesha Moore, become tools in our self-exploration.

I highly encourage you to visit Anahata Katkin of Papayalicious and the wonder I found through her digital realm, Teesha Moore. It just may alter your perception on self-expression for the better... I would be very surprised if it didn't.

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Learn Teesha Moore's Journaling techniques:

A thankyou also to Fly for posting Papayalicious, where I first put a name to Anahata's work (most of you have probably seen it and didn't know where to find it).

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