Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crystalheads- This New Year, Pledge to Live your Life

So many distracting factors have attempted to steer you away from it, but it's given to you, and only you can steer your chariot along your lifepath.
Where do you want to go with it? Who are you and what kind of expression do you wish to pour forth into the Global Village?

We're hardly in a time lacking in opportunity. In the information age it is more than possible to achieve everything that's glowing in your heart. Check on some Opensource software vids if they can help your plight. Peep the tutorials all over the net to learn more about a chosen path or field. Connect and network with the people you resonate with.

Live your Life from now on.

Plant seeds that contain the blueprint of your beautiful identity.
You are intended. Ignore the counter-messages to that one immutable truth. At your core you are magnificent. Start shedding the corrupt programming and start embracing your potential.

This month's affirmation:

I embrace and accept my unique and utterly necessary self.

Happy New Year

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CapCity said...

Thanx to Femigog for introducing me to your loveliness here in the Blog-o-sphere! Definitely adding u to my blogroll so i can visit again;-). 2008's all about living GREAT!!

PurpleZoe said...

2008 is definitely for the sane.
I see lots of light and seeds of health for the world being prepared.
Thankyou for the good vibes and much respect on Blogger's Delight to Write.
Girl, I was jammin'. Nice musical selection and fabulous literary community.
I will be back after I add it to my lovelinks.

Flourish and Prosper with Bliss in the '08

The Cocoa Lounge said...

"utterly necessary self."

I love it. Happy New Year!

PurpleZoe said...

Thanks for stopping through Queen ^_^
'Tis an honor.

Have Bliss and Self Actualization in '08!