Saturday, January 5, 2008

Indiefied- Wanda Ewing

Embracing the investigation of self vs image, Wanda Ewing's work brings you into her world, where the rules of self love are dictated by the whims of the self-possessed. She takes her power back from a world that has made a plaything of the black image, with a simple statement that commands reinvestigation of womanhood vs machine.

Girl #8


Wallflower #7


Her Wanderland Press~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*


Villager said...

I had never seen this sister's work before. I like it very much. Thanx for sharing it with us...

peace, Villager

PurpleZoe said...

Isn't she slick?
Alot of the artists UltravioletUnderground focuses on are eccentric in some way and your support/appreciation is cherished. Box-breakers do so much for our own mental expansion, and they require more forums.

Have bliss in your sphere, Villager.

Femigog said...

Oh! I love this work! It is absolutely gorgeous! I just went to see Kara Walkers exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts here and it was also mind blowing. The sisters are doing it big in the art world!
Bless you for turning me on to yet another wonderful artist!

PurpleZoe said...

I love Kara! I'll be posting about her soon as well. She's the stuff of legends for real. I'd love to catch an exhibit at some point.
Sistahs are handling their business in the art world. A sign of great things to come.