Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Book of One

It will take time to birth the majesty of this project, but the founders of The Book of One are determined to raise the energy in the world village with one true purpose: Unity.

The founders share a little more about the Higher Goal of this project:

This book idea and theory came out of instruction to create it. The concept is simple. Hold the space, for people of all ethnicities, religions, demographics and beliefs - to voice what we believe to be the truest of truthful points that we have as a civilization - as a human family. We are to create unity; we are to create order; we are to create beauty; we are to create peace.

While acknowledging positive creeds across various beliefs, traditions and cultures; similar concepts across people, place, and time generations ... The Book of ONE will be a combined expression for all beautiful voices around the world. The book will accentuate a number of main points/themes to be internalized for creating and sharing unity in peace, love, happiness and light - to be echoed throughout the universe eternally.

Here is your call to positive action.

What do you think ?

If you could have your say, what would be the top most points on your list to tell yourself, the ones you love and the future generations - what they should know about love and peace, and how to maintain that concept?

It's as simple as that. We will compile the information from here, from the new web site just being built, and as the project progresses, through various creative mediums. Inevitably, we will come out with a sample of the book, with everyone's combined pieces, and we'll make it available for free - to as many people that cross paths with us - until there is no more need to speak the words because they have become so deeply embedded in the hearts, minds and souls of the human family.

This book is the beginning of our contribution to the care taking of Earth and all our loved ones (past, present and future) - emphasizing unity and togetherness (ONE), despite appearances of difference ...


As you can clearly see, such a book can not be written by any sole individual, or even a few - it must be written by many ...

As of now there are a small group of people heading this project, some of which are internationally renown artists, singers, performers, writers - however, as mentioned, the Book of ONE is a voice for us all ...

This book is calling YOU to participate.
All you have to do is make time to write up and share a submission: no fees, no penalties, no tricks or gimmicks - this book is beyond illusions.

This is a book purely created for and by the ESSENCE which is us (truly undefinable by any characterization)... rather you call it Soul, Spirit, God, Energy, even Non-Existent! ;o)


There are Two Main Sections to The Book: (1) The Compilation of Responses and Themes we get for in accordance to the above question; and (2) There will be a section for artwork with intertwining themes: poetry, lyrics, photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture pictures and live art with accompanying artist summaries for the reader, etc. Start reflecting now by sharing the top one to three points that are the guiding forces for the human family.

***Just for clarification - this project is to be directed from the essence of our beings ... not the politics of them ;o) THERE IS NO POLITICAL OR FUNDAMENTALLY RELIGIOUS AGENDA HERE. The aim is to UNIFY, not to divide. There are core values - which all people share, and it is these values, written on the tablets of our beings, that shall be acknowledged and celebrated throughout our journey. Thank you again to all participating and making the delivery of each message and reflection possible. Please note, that artwork may also be submitted electronically through the below emails ... Everyone with good intentions, everyone who is awake or awakening, and everyone who wants to work on this project, please circulate the intent here ... Further information enquiries, submissions and contributions can be emailed to:

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