Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Move Over (Thank God), You Have a Competitor

They have a different style, but they seem so much more preferable than's lackluster quality, jacked up prices and non-existent customer service. Enjoy your experience in publishing.
Hopefully they'll become a little more open format so folks can upload and publish without a consultant (Lord knows they would relieve people of bad experiences with

The world needs a Print On Demand self publishing option that offer high quality at affordable rates allowing you to set your own rate. Period. screwed themselves up. They're toast once the right competitor gains recognition.).


Also mentionable is a site with an identical business model to lulu, hopefully without the pitfalls... Wordclay. Haven't tried them yet but will report back if they are a no. also offers strictly black and white publishing for books. Hopefully they'll expand into color and offer reasonable prices as well as quality.
offers free isbn and other services...

Another non-self publishing option that smiles upon new, unagented writers is
They seem to have a fabulous track record. I know some folks published by them and have to recommend them, despite the fact that they tend to want to design your book covers like most non-vanity publishers... They do place books with Borders, Barnes and Noble and other sellers.

If you know of any others worth mentioning, your intel is desired.

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