Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On January 30th M.O.S presents: Seamless

The Museum of Science will present their Computational Couture experience "Seamless" on the 30th of January at 8pm. The pieces can record heartrates, signals and engage in other futuristic functionality.

Zdnet Says:

The "Seamless" fashion show at the Boston Museum of Science will feature innovative and experimental pieces of technology-based apparel. Among the garments on display will be Alyce Santoro's "Sonic Fabric," a textile woven from 50 percent recycled, recorded audiocassette tape and 50 percent cotton. The material retains its magnetism, and pieces made from it can be "listened to" by dragging an apparatus made from a tape head along its surface. "Seamless" is part of the "When Science Meets Art" series at the museum.

PZ: You've got to love the expansive possibilities in the M.O.S.'s When Science Meets Art series.

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