Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crystalheads- Conscious Expansion in The Whole Heath Expo

Life is meant to be lived. Today reminded me of that.

The Whole Health Expo opened up my inner world today, because I have been hoping to connect with kindred/like-minded folks who can network together and raise the energy through Grassroots efforts, Holistic/Metaphysical/Green products and movements, and Conscious Indie Arts. Consciousness is practical and doesn't have to be trumped up or overly costumed. Taking the 'Hollywood-Overly-Mystified' propaganda out of what major messengers have come to this plane to share with us in VERY similar words, is essential so more folks can realize that you are no more spiritual in a robe than in a pair of kix, and sweats. You are either resonating with the heart or you are not. Your clothes and a stick of incense won't necessarily restore your core, unless you're really intending to grow and heal.

More and more, I've been connecting with kindred souls and I couldn't be more grateful.
The universe is an intricate and beautiful creation. It's lovely to know we are all co-creating and have the power to heal the damage done to this pale blue dot we call Earth, the more we raise our individual and collective consciousness...

I met some beautiful beings this afternoon and will be elaborating about them in this post.

The Tesla Inspired Purple Plates from (The founder of this company is fabulous)

(You really have to try them to believe it...I would be extremely surprised if even the most diehard skeptic tried it and felt nothing change for the positive in their energy). Reiki is fantastic. I have healed many an ailment or imbalance with the Chi that Reiki energy is, but these Purple plates are like Reiki energy X 100 (which is saying something because Reiki is strong), and they won't cost you a fortune (see the Sidebar to sign up for complimentary distance Reiki healing --- Chi can be transmitted just like reading energy can be done from long distance- Energy knows no space or time as really... space and time are illusion, so energy work doesn't have to be done in person to be effective).

Purple plates are constructed according to frequencies noted by Nicola Tesla as being harmonious.
More info is available through the above sites.
Also download the free ebook from Frequency Awareness here.


My son gravitated to this booth, and you know, it's a very interesting movement/spiritual school for conscious living, based on light, sound, and knowing we are souls who have come here for a purpose. Worth versing yourself in, if you dig seeing how the universal laws are expressed as spiritual principles from school to school.

Thankyou to Adriana for taking the time to talk with an interested young man about higher vibrations.

Words can't express how fabulous this women's line of holistic products is. The cremes leave your skin feeling like silk ( not an exaggeration), and you can actually pronounce the names of the ingredients her products contain ( a very good thing...). Innovation, quality presentation and major health benefit put Adarios at the top of her field.
She doesn't half-step. Not even a little.
Natural, organic, and infused with warmth and the joy generated from performing a labour of love, her products are formulated to nourish and provide the maximum benefits nature has to offer in any given combination of lush fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Ada and her family are seriously inspirational.

More to come...

Detox-America's Deltox Ion Generator

You'd have to see it to believe it. Somewhat like Kinoki foot pads, these pull the toxins in your body out through your feet. The machines can be financed for merchants. Seriously, no joke.


Of course I had to connect with some of these phenomenal people and offer to share their vibes with the UltravioletUnderground/Purple Magazine audience. I was passing out those cards, chyle...
On a mission.

Expect updates. Look out for some of the merchants in Purple Magazine issues as well...

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