Sunday, February 24, 2008

Black News Junkie

There's a new kind of Digg in the net dimension that focuses on news of interest to the Black Diaspora while encouraging collective empowerment. Black News Junkie is a newsfeed that encourages collective contributions and the 'digging' of News stories with a symbolic black fist. This is definitely needed in a society that has largely ignored or trampled the concerns of the Black Community and communities of color in general.

The Afrosphere has proven its power in bringing the Jena 6 to light after Mass Media pretended not to see it, and this served as an inspiration. When we come together and share our experiences, we can act as one to serve the security of our collective interest. We can share information about missing persons in our community who might otherwise have gone unreported, travesties of justice, and let's not forget that we can share the light and beauty taking place on a newsworthy level in "minority" or underrepresented communities. It is just as important.

Black News Junkie, we commend you. Thankyou for providing the Conscious Collective with a news source that includes a large portion of the Underrepresented.

Grazi to Villager for the heads up.

Another interesting tidbit found in the Electronic Village is The Indypendent's Minority Report.

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