Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Indiefied- Wayna

Wayna's voice is crisp, skilled, and gracefully powerful. I happened upon her site quite by accident, and couldn't leave her profile. You see, I had to hear every song, and though I'm saving my coins for something important, the temptation to pick up her cd right then, was unbearable. This siren brings confident sass, and a classic spin to jazzy HipHop/R&B. She channels Ella's clear control, and Billie's sharp, deliberate phrasing at times, but the power is all Wayna. Others have tried it, few have succeeded. Wayna brings identity to her genre with regal poise, and I'm a believer. Anytime Stevie Wonder's comment about your music is: "Her voice reminds me of Syreeta's...She's incredible." You've arrived.

UltravioletUnderground applauds you, Wayna. You've brought essential poise to your craft, and could easily become an icon many craft themselves after.

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