Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader's 'Awaken From Your Slumber'

A Big Thanks to Danielle of for the heads up. Your blog is extremely enlightening.

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Danielle said...

You are too sweet, do you know that.

Much love, my muse.

PurpleZoe said...



Vee said...

I'm reading through some of your posts through my RSS Reader. I see I've been missing some good content and great information.

Ralph Nader. Hmmmm mmm. If there's one thing that is obvious, some people simply do no want him to run. They attack his character instead of his views and solutions.

Most people still incorrectly blame him for Bush being in office. Most people simply do not do their homework.

If his name is on the ballot, I'm more than likely voting for him. Period.

PurpleZoe said...

Thanks Vee ^_^
It's peace you've taken the time to check out the posts and comment.

I've always given Ralph props for representing what the democratic process is supposed to be. Its beautiful that he causes a certain level of society to become restless. He gives it to people straight. There's alot to respect in Ralph Nader and his honesty about what's actually happening in this company... I mean country.

Unfortunately I heard a day or two ago that he used a racial slur derogatory to the black community, when he was describing how he felt he was treated by other Europeans while traveling in the south.

I still have to do more research as that could easily be a rumour from a smear campaign, but if I find it to be true its a wrap. Here's to hoping he has more respect than that.

I found the story on (you can probably throw his name in the search bar there to find it)

Vee said...

Here's the original source.

First, I am not trying to get into the whole N-word usage, who can and who can not, nor in what context said word was used.

The usage of the word in the public forum by a political figure is definitely not wise, especially considering the publics sensitivity. Worse things have been said by policy makers, but people do not read between the lines.

Oddly enough, this incident appears to be true but it was not attacked by the major media. After reading passage, I am not alarmed or truly concerned. I think folks emotional response to hearing a white utter the word is beyond rational. The majority of the outrage against the use of the word is reactionary at best.

I wonder how many people read Randall Kennedy's interesting book on the word.

On another note, the public perception of Nader is kind of weird because if you begin to do your research, you discover his past accomplish and his arguments really makes sense. But people attack his character and blames him for the failures of the Democratic Party.

In the end I really do not care who wins the November ticket. Most people have no clue as to how the government works and the distinct difference between the state, local and federal. They don't care to find out and many people commenting on blogs are probably not politically active. Some just do not have the time or care to make the time. I'll give both Nader and Obama their props because they both care and they've both been very involved on many grassroots efforts.

The one thing I really like about Nader is his willingness to shoot straight from the mouth. Obama and Clinton's self-censorship is more than obvious.

I usually like to challenge my friends who supports Obama, by asking them what do they think about his views compared to let's say Dennis Kucinnich or Hilary Clinton. And as I expect, they usually fall blank on a serious discussion, because I pretty much doubt they will actually take the time to find out.

Sorry for the long post, but the song and dance in the politics of the n-word is astounding. And this presidential race just got interesting with Nader running. Like I said, IF he's able to get his name on the ballot. I find it interesting that some of the commenters on that blog, said that Nader is irrelevant.

End note, I can't explore McCain's views or take him serious because he didn't even bother to brush up the current economic issues and he really doesn't see a problem with continuing the war.


PurpleZoe said...

I get the context he was using it in, but question the respect level. I feel you on reactionary posture taken by alot of folks especially because I have seen some of the louder voices rebuking efforts like Nas' album while using words like coon to describe him in their argument (I spoke to an elder about it and he confirmed that the terms coon or coonery are used completely out of context in this day and age), which to me is just as offensive no matter whose mouth it emerges from.

The lines have become blurred on the 'n' word but I don't dig it being used by folks of European descent. I've got to be honest on that one. It makes me uneasy.

I feel you on the lack of political activity/interest within the masses. Most of that is by societal design surely, but with so much information made so easily available in this day and age, most folks should be reasonably aware of what's really going on.

Personally, I rely alot on my vibes. Its important to research campaigns, but I have to follow my gut as well as my sense of reason.

I find Hillary to be very phony and consider her to be nothing more than a Republican in a Democrats suit. She can talk a good one, but I sincerely doubt she will follow through.

Obama can be hesitant and so careful with certain things I sometimes question how forceful he will be with his plans.
Nonetheless I have to consider the higher good of having an intelligent and invested individual of color in that position if only for the archetypal and ensuing reparative psychological value it will have in the minds of people of color everywhere.

I have no words for the other candidate.
He's a relic.
Its time for a change after 8 years of similar conditioning.

Dennis Kucinich is the sh--, by the way.
He'll still be fighting for our rights, even if it won't be from the Oval office.

Much Love and Respect, Vee