Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MadamePepper on Motherland Culture

Much Respect Madame Pepper. We're right there with you and believe our reunification and reestablishment of culture will secure itself sooner than later. Enough is most certainly enough.

Thankyou for sharing your voice and necessary insights. We dig your artistry as well ^_^

We don't need to be sold back our cultural majesty from any culture seeking to profit from it without respect to our rights, and the chemicals in hair and skin care products do make us sick with the buildup of unnecessary toxins (seek periodic detox cleanses and better products). Handmade products have a healthy, natural effect and can be trusted. Essential oils, natural wax (beeswax or the saps of some trees) lemon juice, vinegar, salt baking soda and similar products can take care of all of our cleaning and hygienic needs.

Peep Madame Pepper's dimension

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