Friday, February 1, 2008

Janelle and Bad Boy are what?

Before reading, have a friend in possession of smelling salts nearby.

reported recently that Janelle Monae was rumoured to have been signed with Bad Boy.
It has now been confirmed. My immediate reaction was disbelief, then confusion, and now... Now I can only hope this means the Sean John (as he apparently wishes to be called these days) camp is in search of its soul, and wants to evolve.

Maybe that could be it?

The video below features a few words from Janelle and her new... family.
She doesn't strike me as a dummy, so I assume she's signed a deal that has placed her in a position of creative control.

The positive side of this is that her music can uplift the masses as Badu has with her own quirky, offbeat style that emerged a decade ago. We need more sistahs with completely unique styles highlighting the subculture of the Underepresented. Janelle Monae brings a flavor no one has brought before her.

We're still waiting for full-fledged signature artists like Honeychild Coleman and Brig Feltus to get some mainstream love, but hey... Everything in its own time. The masses will get the picture eventually.

Thanks for the heads up Nova

Extra treat:

J Davey's Manifesto to the Music Industry Drones is now in video format.
Much Love and Respect for that.

(Parental discretion is advised)

Courtesy of Ill mami


afib said...

ARgh!! wish i prepared myself with the smelling salts before looking at this. Cindi Mayweather done went to the other side! She deserves an international platform, i'm sure she'll push bad boy to work hard!

BTW... You can't imagine the kinds of keywords i've had to put in to find sites like this. But things sure come to you in the strangest ways when ya put your feelers out there!!

PurpleZoe said...

I'm right there with you. I think most of us are in agreement that it's a bad decision on her part. Hopefully she'll prove us wrong.

Either way she isn't likely to be with them for long, if the Bad Boy artist's pattern strikes. In this way the exposure she receives could be useful for the Wondaland Arts Society and other Black Subcultural families.

It's peace that you found us. I can relate to the search for Black subculture. Been there plenty. UU is an effort to make that kind of searching easier.
It's an honor to have you come through, by the way. We're definitely fans:

Don't be a stranger.

Let us know when you have more things brewing with your projects (we'd love to include you in our next Mixtape/Compilation) and/or if you'd be interested in contributing to Ultraviolet Underground.


B! said...

Watching her dance CRACKS me up! In the best way. I'm kinda ambivalent about her signing to Bad Boy... she was already doing her own thing anyway. I can't imagine them stifling her creativity, whether or not the partnership works out. And I love that's what she calls it, a aprtnership. I think she's a very smart girl. I'm just happy for her and fearlessness and that the word is spreading about her.

PurpleZoe said...

I know ^_^
She's definitely got her own frequency. You've got to love that kind of brazen individuality. We need to see more of this in the world.

I can't wait until DeepCotton releases an album as well. I fell in love with the music on their Myspace page...

By the by, I peeped the poem 'No Regular Dance' at your AdaughtersGeography blogspot. You've got skills, Sistren. Permission to reprint in a future issue?

Thanks for stopping through.