Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indiefied- Tekon Kinkurito

Typically anime has turned me off because it doesn't represent authentic Asian likenesses in mostof the 'popular' series our children are exposed to in the West. The characters have been made to appear very European which reeks of colonized, whitewashed mentality. I find this both disappointing and irritating.
Every now and again however, I come across anime that embraces Asian culture enough to convince me that there is some psychologically balanced self-love going on there, that embraces (not worships) outside culture as well.

Tekon Kinkurito is one of these.

With splendidly vivid imagery and a tale that is heartbreaking as well as inspirational without the gratuitous violence that has plagued and pimped modern art in its various forms, Tekon Kinkurito is a transcendental character study that places its main focus on the relationship between two brothers and the destiny of their home, Treasure Town.

There is some violence, but it has a true place in the story, and manages to serve a tale that encourages morality, or at the least, the analysis of good and evil within oneself.

Amazon Unbox has it for 14.99
though you can check (so much better than Unbox), or any others you might know of for a download.


Other mentionable anime offerings that transcend colonized boundaries:

Mind Game
(absolutely not for the kids)

Applause for Underrepresented Subculture.

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