Sunday, February 10, 2008

Indiefied- Simone White

Her voice was crafted for lullabies by the Earth-kissed Queen of the Tree Whisperers in the Scarlett forest, where all is awake until she lulls the all to sleep, with wisened rhymes and hushing tones designed as a restorative of Higher Mind.
Simone White will entrance you, holding you captive to dimensions in her melodies that wield tales of cold realities with gentlest form, making you forget for just a moment that nightmares ever plagued the Giant Village of varied tongues.

Visit her realm ~~~~~~~~~~~~*


Danielle said...

Thanks for this one. Her voice is so great. I especially like the song I am the Man.

I updated the Conyers post with the exact contact details you so righteously provided.

In love and light


PurpleZoe said...

'I am the man', is fabulous!
I love her. There are other folk artists I'm meaning to post soon. Definitely drop word by if you know of some brilliant, yet underrepresented gems.

Thankyou for keeping us informed at your necessary spot

You've a beautiful way Miss Danielle.