Friday, February 15, 2008

The Curious Bazaar- Bandit Queen Press

Found this extreme gem at The Blackgirl on Mars blog that is just lovely (Thanks to The Fly People).

We're definitely all about breaking down barriers in the Ultraviolet Underground. This includes the publishing industry... Blessings upon you Bandit Queen.

Bandit Queen Press was founded in 2007 by Brooklyn-born writer Lesley-Ann Brown.

According to Blackgirl On Mars, Bandit Queen Press is:

Bandit Queen Press is born out of the need for writers to exercise a symbolic and practical ownership over their work.

Bandit Queen Press is born to wipe out feelings of alienation between the creator and the creation.

Bandit Queen Press is born in protest to the publishing establishment.

Bandit Queen Press is proud to announce its first title The Organist’s Daughter by Lesley-Ann Brown.

Created on a Copenhagen Kitchen table, The Organist’s Daughter is a tribute to the unglamorous grittiness of life.

Bandit Queen Press is a movement that you can be part of. All you need is access to paper. Please submit all new title ideas to for a copy of our manifesto which must be adhered to before use of the Bandit Queen Press seal of approval.

- from Black Girl on Mars

Blackgirl on Mars can be heard at Homegrown's Myspace

*dreamy sigh*

Bandit Queen Press Info


Danielle said...

I just love your taste in creative expression! You make me want to write poetry and bask in the music of words.

Much love


PurpleZoe said...


Aw shucks.
Honestly there are so many seriously inspiring subjects. It's difficult for me not to get all glowy eyed.

It means something that you dig the 'colorful' format of the posts, and take the time to comment.

Much Respect Sister Star

Blackgirl On Mars said...

Thank you for highlighting Bandit Queen Press! We should def connect and create!
the lab

PurpleZoe said...

Most definitely!
I've loved Black Girl on Mars ever since I ran across it through The People Could Fly Project.

MUCH respect