Friday, February 1, 2008

Crystalheads- Octavian Wisdoms

The great Octavia Butler revealed the theory that 'God is Change' in her Parable of the Talents series, which focused on an apocalyptic world and settlers seeking to found a new way.

Louise Haye also focuses on the power of change, and how vital it is that we become comfortable with accepting change if we are to return to a state of health.

The Flow is The Way. Fear pinches off our pathways and traps us. Fear cannot live in joy, however, and it is wisdom to know such a crippling state has an adversarial energy.

Everything conceived can be manifested as good, but fear of change can prevent all that we envision to better our world and selves. Fear of change is at the root of our stagnation, our holding to a failing status quo, and any number of dis-ease and decay on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.
Because manifestation is a process, we interrupt our blooming when we allow fear to halt us at any point in the thought-feeling-action-manifest being cycle.

This month along with stating the monthly affirmation for positive reprogramming of the mental, you can also heed the advice of Louise Haye who suggests that in the face of resistance to change and negative energy you state: I am willing to release resistance to change (paraphrased), and release my need for (insert disappointing situation).

Release the old.
Embrace the new.
Either way you will always be you, perhaps, a version rebirthed and improved, if you choose.

You too can be brand new...

Your mind if powerful.
Manifest Bliss.

Monthly Affirmation:

I am comfortable with bliss and so I am comfortable with change.

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