Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Senate Votes To Enforce Ban On Torture

We received this gem in the mail:

This afternoon, a bipartisan majority of the Senate voted to ensure that the United States no longer uses interrogation methods it would condemn if used by our enemies against captured Americans.

This is a momentous victory.

Yesterday, we asked you to contact your Senators to ask them to support legislation that will restore dignity and the rule of law to prisoner treatment and interrogation policy by requiring adherence to the Army Field Manual by all U.S. interrogators – including the C.I.A. And thanks to your e-mails and phone calls, we are one step closer to putting an end to policies that allow for torture and official cruelty.

But our work is not over. President Bush is threatening to veto this crucial piece of legislation. You can expect to hear from us soon about what we can do next to make sure that torture and official cruelty are taken off of the table once and for all.


Sharon Kelly
Campaign Manager
Elect to End Torture 08

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We also received this correspondence from the Creators of Loose Change:

London to DC (March 15-19 2008)
-Join us for World Against War I, the antiwar protest for the people and

We are a clandestine organization located within the United States forging an
underground movement for the people. We are deeply affected by the events
following September 11th and the genocide in the Middle east. Our intention is
to disrupt the illegal empire and stop the war machine from functioning from
the inside. We will engage the enemy, take advantage of vulnerabilities and
expose every weakness. We encourage the people to standup and stand strong with
confidence, leadership, and continue organizing against every form of struggle.

The politicians in America will continue to wage war for glory and the pigs
will not stop, until they are jailed for their crimes against humanity.

We call on all free nations of the world, to unite, in our struggle against
tyranny and imperialism.

The u$ government, International Bankers, war profiteering corporations,
along with the president and his administration are guilty.

In just four short years, the people of the united states has murdered over one
million civilians in Iraq. The parties representing the American people during
the genocide, were the DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN Parties. The current
Democrat and Republican parties that are campaigning for President were
DIRECTLY involved in these Crimes Against Peace and will continue using the
imperial doctrine.

The military war machine continues to feed off the blood of the innocent ruled
by the wealthy elite majority. They are now continuing to spread more lies
about other countries, breeding hate for the next targets for preemptive
invasion. The American media networks are also guilty of war crimes and crimes
against humanity for their involvement in using advanced propaganda techniques
against the American people.

America's dignity and long standing history has been destroyed forever and the
people will continue to struggle. We must demand an International tribunal for
the entire federal government, media organizations, and all those who
participated in these war crimes.

Rebel States must consider separation from the union to save itself from
slavery by the Federal Reserve dollar.

We the people must use every resource available to save mankind from American
politicians and special interest war profiteering corporations who will
continue to lobby war for profit with the blood of innocent children.

Join us for...
MARCH 15-19 2008

jim and the CHANGE team

this message has been sponsored by 0War & LOOSE CHANGE

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