Sunday, February 24, 2008


Improve the economy, promote the medicinal and/or therapeutic use of this natural plant, and overcome the stigma laid upon anything that threatens the status quo's many boxes. Alcoholics have caused far more damage than those who partake of the ganja. Let's be realistic. Marijuana has killed no one. There is not one case. Consider also that it could easily give this country a seriously needed industry. Even Barack isn't opposed to medical marijuana. This country has alot of issues to 'rethink'.

Sign a few petitions:

Some states have legalized small amounts:

Research those who claim their spiritual right to utilize Cannabis in their practice
(Some believe Yashua utilized Cannibus in his healings):

Enjoy Peter Tosh's 'Legalize Marijuana'



Vee said...

I'm not an avid user. I've enjoyed it occasionally once every 2-3 years. I'm actually very interested trying the coca plant as it was used hundreds of years ago. Really fat chance of that happening with all of the U.S. led de-forestation of parts of South America.

I've always been interested in drugs, natural and otherwise from a historical stand point. The history of cannabis in the U.S. is very interesting, especially how it became an illegal substance in the states AND how the cannibis plant became popularly known as marijuana.

And as usual, race plays a very important part in the history of drugs in the United States. I believe the legalization of marijuana in the states will come, but it will come VERY, VERY slowly.

I do feel sorry for arthritis patients who fall victim to the justice system simply because they are trying to alleviate pain.

PurpleZoe said...

Its a serious shame they've been so restrictive with it when we all know its not a danger to society. Pretty much the opposite. Its amazing to me how brainless our government counts on us to be, and how often their hopes have been fulfilled in the past.

I agree. The history of Cannibus in the US is very interesting.

I can feel the change in the air though.
The people aren't having the nonsense anymore. Momentum's been building for a minute on a number of issues.