Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Release of Shania D's 'Geneva' Draws Near

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Shania D to Release Debut EP Early Spring 08

Electric SuperLuva Femme-Spinner Answers the Call

Sponsored by Luxurie of LRG, Supaluva Shania D is a force that promises to shine long into the musical night, having had music on her mind since the age of 5, when she penned her first rhymes.

After sharing the stage with the exalted likes of Umar Bin Hussan of The Last Poets, MC Lyte, Goapele, Dead Prez, J Davey, Spinderella, Vikter Duplaix, and other glowing entertainers, Shania D has prepared a treat for the fans in an EP entitled “Geneva”, which will drop in the Spring of 2008. A sneak peek airing of the project will be available at WMC 2008 where limited edition vinyl will be distributed.

She emerges from a higher plane in lotus position 'pon a digital cotton candy cloud, flashing a conspiring smile to Angelic comrades, and illuminating the populace with rainbow ether. Giving high energy innovation Shania D is well known to her fans and collaborators as a human dynamo full of surprises that come delivered in technicolored wrapping with a sparkling smile, and often a message well- extended, sans the preachy emptiness some are plagued with when faced with the same task.

It should be no surprise for those who know her. The vitality that flows through her energy is an authentic celebration of life that pours forth in an almost blinding, and certainly unforgettable stream of light, offered without pretense, from a kind of aquarian halo that mixes positive energy with lush digital soundscapes designed to inspire and move the crowd of listeners.

Until the release of 'Geneva', online material is available from Shania D.'s masterminding in the new Reggae Mixtape 'Lighters', and 'Adults Only' which features unreleased tracks from the delicious likes of Spasty Tasty and Solution Salutation.

Shania states her artistic belief resoundingly, “Music is a platform that can transcend all musical and social platforms.”

It's important for her that she sparks the inclination for individuals to become involved and participate in their collective experience, while also nurturing their identities. Knowing the value of following a dream, and investing the energy that internal notions and desires demand, she infuses hope and a reiteration that life is meant to be lived with an awakened heart.

To this extent a forthcoming inspirational book that offers a framework for taking inspired steps in one's dharmic direction has been penned by the femcee. Her EP is timely and promises to answer the call that inevitably came when she graced the ears of the masses with the golden lining of startlingly eclectic and one would daresay beautiful musical dimensions.

About Shania D:

Graduating from the Institute of Audio Research in Greenwich Village, Shania D become an accomplished audio engineer/producer, emcee/singer, and DJ. She is currently scoring a documentary for John Woo, and has been a dynamic force in many successful collaborations with acclaimed underground flavor.

The Arts know her as a tastemaker, musical phenom, inspirational scribe, and unusually masterful Jill of all trades.


Sponsored by LRG, Shania D is a member of BMI.
booking and

PZ says:

Keep an eye out for Shania's grassroots work, Femme-empowering work with Sis-tem, and an inspirational book.

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