Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sun Ra- A Joyful Noise

Sun Ra--A Joyful Noise

They say that history repeats itself.
But history is only His Story.
You haven't heard MY story yet.
My story is different from his story.
Because his story repeats itself.
But my story is endless.
It never repeats itself.
Why should it?
A sunset does not repeat itself.
Neither does a sunrise.
Nature never repeats itself.
Why should I repeat myself?
I am not part of the history.
But I am part of the
mystery that is my story.

--Sun Ra, A Joyful Noise


Danielle said...

My goodness. I can dig this.

Who is the creator?

In light and love

PurpleZoe said...

Lovely isn't it?

This poem comes from Sun-Ra (May he rest in peace). Very deep cat. He introduced some expansive philosophies in his time and pioneered Afrofuturism.

Love and Light, SisterStar