Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have a Myspace account, two actually, and a (Now known as account or two as well. Like many of you I've signed up for a number of them but they rarely keep my attention for long. Alot of them seem pretentious and cliquey. Many of them make me feel claustrophobic (I have my own special brand of issues...) and I can only log in when I have alot of time and am in a peaceful place. Fortunately with OpenID, it may be easier for folks to keep track of their friends without having to remember each site. An OpenID portable friends list and web 2.0 content and personal newsfeed that can be used anywhere with the same username and password would be slick as well(hopefully this will come to be sooner than later... I'd develop it if I had the patience to do the coding...).

Not all social networking sites unsettle me though. (though a newsfeed...) for instance makes me feel happy and warm when I'm there (probably because alot of the posters on Digg are sane and desire progressive change), and a new site in town utilizing the fabulous tehcnology, makes me want to check in regularly.

SoulCommune is a splendorous haven 'where the soulful (really do) gather'. The aesthetic is fly, and the vibe is pleasantly quaint, but it's more than the aesthetic that makes members come back to its dimension. SoulCommune actually feels like its name.
It feels like a warm collective soul. You come and go as you please, meeting talented and inspired individuals, perhaps do a bit of networking or sharing of access keys to your own dimensions, blog if you take the notion to and receive a spot on the front page for awhile when you do. You can upload or link to music that embodies your idea of soul (alternative vibes definitely welcome), and post favored images and links. If I'm thinking correctly it allows you to include your Web 2.0 widgets as well. It's a zone that offers most all you could ask for in a social networking site without the gimmick that kills the typical social networking experience. I've been hip to for a minute, but this is the first Ning-powered site I've seen that rivals social networking giants and will probably outdo many of them in the areas that count, without trying.

If you see me there throw up a peace sign ^_^

View my page on SoulCommune

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