Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scheme Mag Speaks With A Master of Frequency

“The reason we’re so out of balance in society is because the male and female are so separate and far apart. That’s a very unlike us as a resilient African people. We can go far back in Africa and it was mixed up then, but if you go further and further back to Kemet you see the Ma’at balance; where the female is God and the male is also God. So if we really want to restore our world, spirit and our vitality we must go back to Ma’at.” says Erykah Badu in a recent interview with Scheme Mag's Dale Coachman.

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Thankyou Dale


Danielle said...

Erykah Badu speaks truth.

Have you heard Soldier, from her latest album. Superb.

I wanted to work out an exchange. I really want Maji in book form. Can I tempt you with a swap?

I have music, natal and numerology charts and possibly a tarot reading to exchange. Of course upon completion a review at

In light and love


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Chica *_^

She is a truthspeaker indeed. A needed one. And yes, Soldier is off the hook. I look forward to her summer album.

Girl, didn't you get the email I sent you? I asked for your mailing address like a month ago so I could send you a copy of the print version. We don't have to trade anything. I also let you know in that email that I had used a clip of a comment you posted before on the back cover.

Can you email me the mailing address this week? I'll have one sent to you (within two weeks tops). It will come direct from the publisher so I can't sign that one, though.

I might be up for a reading exchange in the future though. Look at you with your mystical inclinations *_^ Love it.

Until again Sisterstar
Shine on