Friday, June 13, 2008

The Miracle At St. Anna

I'm not usually a movie goer (thought I would have definitely caught this one to support Spike) but Spike's team has done an impeccable job with this trailer doing what promotion is supposed to do: Raise a question. After watching this I want to know where the statue came from. I'm so glad Spike overcame the barriers that Black Directors have face in White Hollywood, and managed to acquire the funds to create this movie. We need more of them.

Grazi Street Knowledge for the intel, and to Invisible Woman for the movie poster


Majesty said...

No problem. I think this will be a bigger hit, and that ole Clint Eastwood will be eating his heart out for not at least responding to Spike with some intelligence on his errors.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace *_^

Thanks for visiting, Majesty.
I'm looking forward to this. Thank God he didn't cave and overcame the obstacles to making this.
Clint Eastwood totally revealed his mindset. Disappointing but it's good to know how his mind works.

Spike is a seriously needed visionary.

LOVE your blog by the way.

Shine on

Majesty said...

Thanks and I will be launching an official site maybe July 4th, and I would liketo add your site as a partner and throw your logo there. And you can always send over interesting stuff for me to post on the blog.

If there is anything else we can do let me know.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace *_^

What's the new site's focus?
I'd love to guest blog on conscious culture, if that flows with your vision.

Let a Sistah know about the site and
any other ideas you have in mind:
purplemag at

Shine on Majesty

Danielle said...

What Spike has to offer is universal so why haven't I heard of this flick until now?

He did an excellent job with "When the Levees Broke", and "Inside Job" is one of my favorite thriller|mysteries.

I don't want to get into the Clint Eastwood remarks too much but I can understand to a certain extent if a historical event is portrayed as it occurred and there were no players in that event that are of colored persuasion not to include actors of color but his remarks to Spike were rude and that's not tolerable.

It is a hard balance, to portray our reality and our humanity is all her colors, honestly. I don't like to see a token character of any race. If someone were to get serious they could go by percentages of characters as related to our population.

This race stuff gives me a headache. We are one but racial divisions continue to arise. We are so defined by our culture and race plays a large part of our cultural identity.

I love so many members of the AfroSphere for example but I cannot join, and I don't think a CaucasioSphere is the answer either.

Someone once declared that I must have been a black woman from Louisiana in a former life. Who knows maybe I haven't reconciled my past with my present life. Another told me they knew me from Egypt.

Past life exploration would be interesting but I always get the sense that it's humbug. I do believe in reincarnation, but I mean do you know how many people are told they were someone like Cleopatra?

I'm rambling so please forgive me if I put my foot in my mouth.

In light and love.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle ^_^

You know how exclusionary Hollywood is of diversity. That's why no one's really heard of this project.

I totally hear and agree with you that if Hollywood would just go by the true percentages of cultures it would be fair.
I would love to see Asian peoples, Indian peoples, Hispanic peoples, and African peoples in non-stereotypical roles. You barely even see Asian and Indian actors in Hollywood, and Hispanics still usually get the largely stereotypical roles. It has to stop.

I hear you about being tired of the whole race thing. But the dividing of lines in the Blogosphere started because Black bloggers were being ignored and weren't included by mainstream and popular blogs (maintained by folks of European descent). It's been this way with so many things which causes the inevitable private groups for people of color.

You said:
"I love so many members of the AfroSphere for example but I cannot join, and I don't think a CaucasioSphere is the answer either."

The thing is, there already is a Caucasiosphere. It's just undeclared. It excludes quietly but excludes all the same.

I would love to see an organization of grassroots fighters of European descent who stand up to racists of European descent openly to discourage the segregation, but until that happens it will be the Afrosphere, other bloggers of color, as well as conscious bloggers and activists of European descent fighting the injustice for who knows how long.

I could be wrong in my theory but I think if every Caucasian person who was against the segregation and white supremacist mentality protested (maybe even forming a group) and made alot of noise against white supremacy in favor of the diverse unifying of everyone, things would change more rapidly.
Problem is while there are some Caucasian activists who are straight up not having the ignorance and do staunchly oppose racist practices, there are plenty who say nothing, or who think people of color need to 'stop complaining' because really they don't see or have to endure just how deep the oppression really is and what underrepresented cultures go through.

For example if I hear one more person say:
"But Oprah is very popular, and there are alot of black people in movies"

I will scream. I have family members who have given me that kind of logic and one of my older caucasian family members even has old tapes of actors in Blackface that she put on one night when we went for a rare dinner visit. Needless to say I requested it be shut off voiced that I took insult and especially did not appreciate the lack of respect given to my child who is still growing and forming his self-image, but I shouldn't have had to say anything. She should have checked herself. And she would be the first to cry that she's not racist and probably use me as an example because she has a black family member.

Alot of people just don't get it because they don't observe or think beyond how things affect them too deeply.

It's a pretty large problem that I'm sure has an end, but the tactics used to implement racism are of the most horrific in history. With colonization spread so world-wide, it could take a minute to heal people's minds.

I feel you on the reincarnation also.
I believe in it, but I question regression. I guess I feel that if we were meant to know we would. I could be wrong or too traditional in that respect but I believe the veils serve a purpose that we're probably not meant to interfere with.

Also you were not rambling and did not put your foot in your mouth. It is good to share honest feelings about the world we live in. I appreciate having an honest dialogue with you truly. If more people did that there would be less confusion and animosity in our world for sure.

Shine Bright Sisterstar