Monday, June 9, 2008

Stand For Cultural Respect in Media

A&E may have pulled 'Dog the bounty hunter' off-air until the controversy died down over his racist rants which were caught on tape and publicly released, but they're readying to bring him back on air.

Does this mean they support racism? It would appear so. But to be sure, we're sending them a letter to give them a chance to avoid insulting people of color by keeping 'Dog the bounty hunter' off-air, instead of championing a publicly recognized racist.
After that The Afrosphere Action Coalition and ConsciousInk (a grassroots group of multi-medium artists for diversity in media) are holding a day of blogging. The press release will be available Monday.

For now you can read Yobachi's call to action in full through the link below.
Please spread the word and share your precious voice in next Wednesday's Blogging Action. This nation is seeking to heal its ills and unify, not continue to empower foolish rants that senselessly attack people based upon skin color.

Read the Call To Action Here

Vote to Make This Visible To More Blogtivists

note: Contact ConsciousInkCollective at if you're an artist/scribe/multimedia guru of color interested in coming together to ensure non-stereotypical diverse imagery in media in future grassroots & blogging campaigns, anthologies, and actions for positive change.

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