Friday, June 20, 2008

Jewish Community Angered By Palestinian Child Soldier Described As Victim On Teeshirt has been receiving incensed letters from the Jewish community over a teeshirt (featured above) that features a Palestinian child soldier with the word -Victimized- beneath his image in stylized type (lettering). Some members of the Jewish community believe the teeshirt to be an assault on Isrealis.

FreshJive expressed that it is incorrect to consider an image of a child soldier depicted as a victim to be an insult to the Jewish community, and clarifies that they have the right to view the state of Palestinian children as child soldiers to be tragic, just as they believe there are tragedies on both sides of the issue. A clip from FreshJive's statement on the issue is below:

"Is it not simply true that some Palestinian kids have become child soldiers due to the ongoing battle between Palestine and Israel?

There is a stylized version of the word "VICTIMIZED" at the bottom of the design. Is it not simply true that some Palestinians and especially Palestinian children are victims of this terrible conflict? I am of the opinion they are."

-Rick of Fresh Jive

What are your thoughts on the issue?

Do you believe the Jewish community is spinning the issue as FreshJive has stated as a potential, or do you feel the Jewish community is justified to consider it an insult to their community?

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