Friday, June 20, 2008

Lola's Is Guilty of Being Black-Owned In SoHo

Lola is an eatery that attracts what one would describe as the upper classes of young blacks that made its move from Chelsea to SoHo, only to find attacks by local residents in an alliance (aroused by flyers that were passed around to incite fear that the restaurant would bring the wrong crowds into the neighborhood to hear rhythm and blues music) contesting the restaurant's liquor license.

Honestly, I don't know how racists sleep at night... Maybe they don't. It would explain alot.

Here is an actual quote to display the rationale being used by the Soho alliance:
“I don’t think you need a martini to go with chitlins and collard greens. What wine goes with jambalaya? I can’t think of one,” [SoHo Alliance director Sean Sweeney said], ridiculing Lola’s need for a license.

Sweeney insists he's not racist however with this rationale:
“I am not racist. [Gayle Patrick-Odeen] is from Barbados. She’s a British subject; she’s not African-American. She didn’t suffer Jim Crow, Reconstruction, lynching. . . . For her to exploit the true sufferings of African-Americans is disgraceful,” says Sweeney.

Interesting... As a "British subject" and "Non-African American" would the owner really be up on Chitlins? You say you're not a racist, Sweeney? You just thought using a black stereotype to describe what you imagine might be a part of Lola's cuisine would better help you to be heard maybe?

Thankyou Racialicious for exposing the attacks Lola's restaurant is under for simply being black-owned in SoHo.


MediaMinistry said...

Maybe Marcus Garvey had the right idea.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Media Ministry ^_^

It would appear, more and more, to be so.
Thanks for stopping through.