Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vegan Cats

So its been on my mind for awhile, and after seeing this video, I really have to find a way to afford vegan catfood. Think I'm just a little bit nutty? Watch the video, then comment on the color of my lens.

Anyways, after watching the lovely Mr. Who in pursuit of a fly (jaws quaking and all...),I was reminded that as a stray he may have killed a thing or two to eat (cats need an amino acid that comes from meat, while other potentially carnivorous beings can work without it), and then... I remembered I'd wanted to Google 'Vegan Catfood' the other day to see how I can convert my two pretties *_^

Guess what I found!!!?!

Vegan Catfood
. Ready made.

I'm hyped, and while I'm not at all a dog-oriented chic I found this for those who want to transition their canines too:

And For Staunch Meat Eaters'... Possible Humane alternatives:

note- A commenter mentioned that Kosher is arguably humane. Do research and see what you agree with and don't agree with. If not Kosher, you may be able to find small farms that treat their animals ethically, and do not engage in cutting through the beaks of hens, beating animals, scalding them alive, or throwing them in the wood chipper, while they are conscious...

Kosher Cat/Dog food is available if you must give your pet meat, but know shopping humanely is the only logical way to change the inhumane vibes in the world, and it is possible that Kosher farms kill their animals more humanely than commercial farms, though finding small independent farms that actually love their hens and dairy cows may be better yet.


Anonymous said...

Vegan pet food for carnivorous animals...umm. I say nay to that. That just ain't natural..If you do it - I do NOT advise it - be sure to keep an eye on your pet. I can imagine a host of muscular-skeletal problem evoloving.

Cats and dogs are carnivores, cats are especially strict carnivores. Veggie protein is promising (and good for you) but you just can't undue thousands of millinea that have gone in to yiled these beautiful meat eating beasts - their anatomy, dentition, and perhaps even more important - their digestive physiology is pretty locked in.

And as to the kosher way of slaughter being more humane -- that's debateable. Traditional kosher butchering (a Hebrew ceremony) involves bleeding the animal out - first, then butchering the animal - beef, lamb, and goat. The hind parts are not used in Kosher meats.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace DN Lee *_^

Thanks for stopping through. I forgot to include the link to the crucial video that inspired this train of thought to move up a level (On homepage).
I'm adding it to the post now.

You have a point, and I did give pause for a moment considering cats require a special protein they can't do without, but this brand claims to be healthy for cats and I really want to stop supporting corporate farming in every way possible after seeing how cruel and deplorably sub-human the farmers are towards the animals.

Thankyou also for your point about Kosher. I will do more research and correct the two posts that offer it as an option for those who refuse vegetarianism, if I find it's also inhumane.

I think I'm just very passionate about refusing to support the torture of animals and there are so many animal bi-products in various products on the shelves... It's important to find alternatives to support so society can overcome the debased practices mass producers have engaged in.

Shine on