Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seriously, What's The Deal With The Resurgence of Blackface in Hollywood?

In addition to Robert Downey Jr's recent ill-considered decision to wear Blackface, Mena Suvari (whom I generally like when she's not making foolish decisions like the following) will be playing a bi-racial girl in the film 'Stuck' by Robert Gordon.
She was basically thrown into some cornrows, because... maybe there weren't any eligible actresses of color who needed the work.

I'm sick to death of the racism in media.
It's time for us to buy our own studios. Period.
How long have people of color been seeking to enjoy fairplay?
I mean seriously if it's not ridiculously stereotypical roles for Blacks and other people of color, or similar color-aroused casting for Hispanics, it's the pretty much non-existent film history of Asian actors beyond the handful of martial arts flicks (comedy included). People of color are obviously not respected by White Hollywood, beyond the token role that might help Hollywood to appear less racist from time to time (and at that the Black person is usually caramel skinned or lighter...).

Actors of color, COME TOGETHER AND ESTABLISH STUDIOS OWNED AND RUN BY PEOPLE OF COLOR! Seriously, the writing is on the wall and there aren't really any other true options unless you want to continue trying to get into a club that is quite obviously intent on being 'White Only'. Let 'em have their 'White Only'. For Real.

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Your thoughts?

Are you an artist, scribe, or multimedia guru of color who is on some serious non-procrastinating networking and collaborating for the installation of positive underrepresented/diverse archetypes in media? If so, ConsciousInk.com may have an invite for you. Contact info: ConsciousInkCollective@gmail.com

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Danielle said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I admit to being completely stymied by the utter contempt and disrespect that H'Wood has shown to Minorities.

The idea that the Black Experience can be watered down to cornrows on a white woman, reeks of entitlement and conscious ignorance which is intolerable in the 21st century.

Oscar Micheux did it in the early part of the 20th century. I see no reason why we can't do it now.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle *_^

Thanks for stopping through.
It's unreal that racism has had as long a life as it has.
It's come to the point where people of color really just need to invest in our own community and build without worrying about being recognized by the Amerikkkan "clubs".
Enough with the insecurity of the racist mind. Onward with the beauty of our diversity.

Shine on