Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Slave Blood and the MSM

We really shouldn't be surprised at this recent disrespectful commentary on race in a society that has divided society by race lines since its inception, but it's disappointing nonetheless to see the devilish ethos of racists spouted proudly over Mainstream airwaves, which is why I continue to say people of color of all cultures and creeds need to come together and buy their own studios. Enough is enough.

In the meantime peep Brightline and add racial offenses you spot in media to the wiki collecting them so advertisers can be given the opportunity to pull away from supporting racism in media.

Here is the latest offense from Racist Limbaugh's gaping maw:

CALLER: Yeah. Hi, Rush. Yeah, the reason I’m calling is, I… You know, I’m not a big supporter of John McCain, but one of the things that’s kind of getting me to think about voting for him is my concern that Michelle Obama will be the next Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: Not true, because Michelle Obama has slave blood. Hillary doesn’t.

Look, the state of race relations in this country has always been appalling but the MSM has shown its contempt for people of color very clearly as of late. Fox news, A&E, and others have let their masks slip. It is time for us to pull our support from these racists and place it with green media companies that respect diversity and social progress across the board.

Use greenpages.org to identify companies that respect life in all of its forms.
Use brightline's wiki to report racial offenses of people of color.
Use responsibleshopper.org to identify companies that don't.

It's up to us to use our spending power to support the people who will impact the world responsibly. We've seen enough of the horns of the folks who won't, no matter how much we protest.

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Critical Region Consulting @ YBFREE.com said...

Usually people who like to make negative comments about chattel slavery are in absolute denial that the institution is an inseparable part of American History.

American descendants of chattel slavery, no matter how difficult it was in the margins of their own nation NEVER abandoned our country.

I also like to remind these people that the descendants of chattel slaves have ancestors that predate the founding of our nation. For many of us our ancestors resided for centuries in the thirteen colonies, thus predating many of the pundits own ancestors.

Finally as far as media, there are options. We have many news outlets that provide accurate information about US history and politics.

Pacifica Radio Network

Black Agenda Report

Democracy Now!

It is our responsibility to make sure news outlets like these are known by as many Americans as possible. Keep up the good work!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace *_^

Thanks for contributing these links. For sure our history as the descendants of those who were enslaved in the chattel system, extends far beyond the founding of this country, and even beyond the civilization of Europe as it is well-documented in true scholarly works that Greeks and Romans studied in Kush (Africa's original name before a conquerer took the liberty to rename it), and there is information in the book -The Moors in Spain- that documents the information contributed by Moors that led to the renaissance and etc...

Anyone willing to see,sees the truth of the matter and eventually the truth won't be deniable to anyone.

Thankyou for stopping through and sharing your voice.

Continue to shine