Thursday, June 26, 2008

The HipHop Soulfest Celebrates Music July 26th


Correction. The Fest hits on July 26th.
Forgive me.
I haven't had my homemade cup of java and soy creamer this morning.

Yay! Music will be celebrated at Capitol's HipHop Soul Fest in July.

Unfortunately, we've spent all of our travel coinage, but we're gladly accepting your submissions of photos and footage from the event (post links in the comments or send us an energy mail: purplemag at gmail). Much respect to Moon for putting together such an important event. It's all about reconnecting with the heart of the arts, and breaking away from the taint of commercialism.

If you weren't aware of the festival in the DC area taking place from the last post, click here for details.

Enjoy the below audio/vid from one of the many talented artists you'll find at this year's festival:

Substantial- My Favorite Things


Khadijah Ali-Coleman said...

Liberated Muse LOVES the much so that we put the live RSS feed on the main page site...we heart you PurpleZoe!

The Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest is in JULY...Saturday, July 26th from hasn't happened yet, but we anticipate that it will be a hit and encourage festival-goers and their families to make a day of it to enjoy all of the goings-on...peace

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Moon ^_^

lol. I corrected the post. I've had it in mind that it was a June event for a minute now.
If coinage improves in July, I'll be striving to make it out there.

Continue to shine and thankyou for the beautiful vibes you extend. I'm honored that you RSS UltravioletUnderground. Liberated Muse is a beautiful spot for artists.

Shine on Sisterstar

Khadijah Ali-Coleman said...

Ditto to you...I am honored to have your blog's RSS feed on ROCK lady!

I hope abundance rains down coinage so you can join us!

Hugs, Moon