Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Magazine Is Born Out Of Sean Bell Tragedy

In a response to the absence of justice in the Sean Bell Killing, Colin on Mr. Matsui design has created a zine that documents the politics, and corruption in the Sean Bell Murder.
The zine is a bold protest utilizing outrage and creative intelligence to make its point clear. Each issue was shot 51 times with .40 caliber and 9MM handguns and includes stickers, and gun shells in the package.

Much Respect.

Thankyou for the information Street Knowledge and EvipList

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Blackgirl On Mars said...

Great idea and incentive...
Thanks for highlighting this.

Danielle said...

Good work on their part. I'm wondering if they'd consider expanding beyond Sean Bell to encompass all cases of police brutality.

This is a powerful piece of work that can be disseminated nationwide.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Miss Brown and Danielle *_^

Thanks for visiting, and sharing a word.
I love the way this artist wielded his rage to send the message.
It would be great if they did expand onto all police brutality as you suggested, Danielle. It's time to put serious focus on that reality so we can finally be rid of it.

Shine on Sisterstars