Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rainbow Warriors In Full Effect

The filming of the 'One Cause Many Voices' documentary focusing on the Hopi prophecies and their relationship to the solutions to problems of modern day greedsumption and undeniable spiritual disease, was inspired by the efforts of the masses leading the way into a balanced and loving state of being within their personal spheres and dimensions of community.
The filmmaker traveled to indigenous, rural and city areas of The Amazon, West Africa, Mexico, Siberia, and New Zealand in an effort to display how the prophecies are being practically applied in daily living by people that are healing the wounds of social and environmental injustice and corruption across all different classes and "races".

The Director stated: "It has great potential to globally generate momentum in community development, self worth, creative expression and conscious environmental balance."

Donations are being accepted through:
The Pittsburgh Film Makers
Att: Dorrinda Hughes
In care of Tonya Tbird Ridgely
One Cause, Many Voices
477 Melwood Street
Pittsburgh, PA. 15213

The Director adds:
Hello Movers and Shakers of The Planet, Together, we can turn catastrophes into opportunities that manifest abundance and balance FOR ALL PEOPLE and All Living Things! So on Sunday, June 15th, lets get together and celebrate " Leading BY Example" by supporting and getting involved in my film project One Cause, Many Voices.
By investing in this project, you help One Cause, Many Voices get the word out and bridges built. Please leave a return address so that I may send you legal documentation of your tax donation OR Donate directly to my paypal account under Tonya Ridgely, Just go to and make payment to Tonya Ridgely. Its Easy! Thank You so much. See you there With All My Being! Tonya Tbird Tall Flame Luv,

Event Details:

What/When: Father's Day, Sunday June 15th, 5-9:30pm
One Cause, Many Voices fundraiser event( children friendly so bring your kids)

5-7pm: Reception plus live performances by Queen Deelah featuring Lady
Blue of Hysee Luv Records
7-8pm: Slide show and presentation of One Cause, Many Voices,
8-9:30pm: Tonya Tbird Luv and Evan Fraser perform with other special guest

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