Thursday, June 5, 2008

Okayplayer interviews Pacific Division

Amidst the opportunists posing as rapstars, there are wordsmiths who genuinely shine with the true spirit of Hiphop which naturally reveres its ancestral roots and
expands upon the foundations of Golden Era HipHop with innovative and honest voice.
Balancing Ol Skool Flavor, with down to earth lyricism Pacific Division accomplishes the seemingly impossible, in proving that HipHop is indeed not dead, just underpublicized and incorrectly labeled

Okayplayer sat down with them to pick their brains a little:

OKP: You also were fortunate enough to get a Dilla track before his passing. How did that come about?

Like: That situation was a little different from what outsiders may think. We didn’t actually meet Dilla; we know a mutual friend of his and at the time they were doing business. Our friend thought it would be a good idea for us to record a record over a Dilla beat that he had. [After it was completed] He sent it over to Dilla, but it was unfortunate that during that time he had passed. So he never got to hear the track. We graced it and we got good feedback but he never heard it. I got a painting of Dilla on my wall; he’s like my favorite producer. It was a privilege even though it never got released, which I’m a little mad about.

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