Monday, June 23, 2008

RIP George Carlin

The fabulous and controversially genius George Carlin passed this Sunday to the shock and loss of a community that respected him for his wisdom, clever mastery of language and strong sense of purpose in speaking the truth about power with unflinching honesty.
He has left us with a book 'Brain Droppings', and performances that cause the heart to lighten with laughter while simultaneously engaging the brain in a well needed workout.

George, rest in peace, you will be missed.

"I found it was an honest craft and that art was involved," Carlin said. " I do like to point out that there is an artistic process involved in observing the world, interpreting it, and then writing something about it and performing it. It's the low end of the scale in art. Perhaps it's not fine art. But it is art. I found that out and it gave me a purpose and strength."

-Keming Kuo, VOA News

Read A Bit About George Carlin's History Here

Thanks Villager for the intel.


The Urban Scientist said...

Yes, he was a genius.
Rest in Peace George.

sdg1844 said...

George was one of the few w/the guts and courage to tell the truth and make it damn funny at the same time. I'll miss him. He is a tremendous loss.

PurpleZoe said...


Love&Light Urban Scientist