Saturday, June 28, 2008

NYOIL Speaks On Possibilities and Obama

NYOIL offers an interesting perspective regarding The Most High revealing in this era that anything is possible. He also sounds off on Barack's Black experience.

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msladydeborah said...

My family has been bi-racial since 1955.

I have one one sib and four bi-racial siblings. I am black. It has been an experience alright!

This brother has some interesting observations. I happen to feel him on the point that we are the ones who can and should be making things happen. Only time will tell who we are as a people.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace MsLadyDeborah^_^

Thanks for stopping through.

I come from a biracial family as well, but to me Black is black. The black experience has touched people of color of varying degrees in America where the one drop rule has prevailed.
We live in interesting times. Not sure if this country will rise above White Supremacy anytime soon, but the writing is on the wall that white supremacists may not have a choice as time moves forward...

I'm feeling NYOIL. He's a deep cat. He has some other videos on youtube that you might find interesting as well.

Continue to shine

NYOIL said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this particular build. I am trying to engage the hip hop culture and people in general in conversations that we all have had and continue to have on a wider scale. These are the issues that we are really experiencing.. and i'd like to use my platform to give them the light they deserve.

thanks again for sharing my thoughts with your blog.

the ideal
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PurpleZoe said...

Peace NYOIL ^_^

It's a serious honor. Thanks for stopping through. You're definitely accomplishing what you're setting out to do, and the light is appreciated. In times like these especially the masses require examples that will guide them in the direction of empowerment.

I'll be looking for "HoodTREASON's" release July 8th.

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